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Background Aims & Objectives

Nepal is the land of spectacular Himalayan range which includes Mt. Everest in the north, gorgeous hills and valleys in the middle and fertile plain land in the south where lies Lumbini, the  birth place of Lord Buddha.

Although it started with a conflict between two countries back in 1814-1816 (Anglo Nepalese/ Gorkha war),Nepal and Britain embraces very long close diplomatic as well as public relationship.  The first official visit to UK from Nepalese government was Prime Minister Jung Bahadur Kunwar (Rana) in 1850. It was a glorious history that Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II had paid a visit to Nepal in two different dates in 1961 and in 1986 respectively.

The tradition of the Brigade of Gurkhas enjoys a magnificent history which ties relationship between Nepal and Britain even more closely, both in diplomatic and public level. Obviously, Gurkhas being a part of British Armed Forces, Nepalese faces in UK are  familiar for a long time.  But in recent decades because of intense trend of globalization, Nepalese people from other walks of life such as business, education, science and medicine – have been attracted to UK for work or as tourist.

  • Awareness programmes to the members esp elderly & youths.
  • Promote and develop Nepalese culture and tradition by organizing cultural & social events or take part in such events
  • Engaged and encourage youth in education & sports
  • Stand hand to hand, strength to strength to create vibrant society.
  • Assist all Nepalese to integrate with local community.
  • Provide support and assistance to members of society in the event of illness or tragic situation.
  • Maintain a good relation between individual and to familiarize young generation to our society and culture.
  • Organised social events to share our experience and to show sense of belonging and unity.
The Maidstone Nepalese Community

Talking about Nepalese settlement in Maidstone, we can go  back to 1994 when The Queens Gurkha Engineers moved in to Invicta Park Barracks Maidstone.  Since then Nepalese people living in borough has commenced, but number of families actually started to settle was  increased when Gurkhas and families were granted settlement rights even after retirement from their active service.  Which was  only possible with great support of British public and parliament as well as by the grace of Her Majesty’s Government.

Even though there are people from other profession but predominantly most Nepalese in Maidstone and Medway area are either retired or serving Gurkhas and their families. Approximately 400 Nepalese families are living in Maidstone area. There are also considerable numbers of Nepalese living in other neighbouring boroughs in Kent and MNC is always seeking to co-ordinate with the other communities too.

Amidst the scenario of number of families increasing in the borough from completely different culture and tradition, there was a strong feeling of need of an organization within Nepalese people to help each other and integrate themselves into the new society, which led to the  establishment of Maidstone Nepalese Community in 2006. Since it’s establishment, MNC has been actively participating on local communities programmes and has been building a sound relationship with local authorities/organizations. Guided by its constitutions, as a community organization we are always working on health issue to our elderly people, sports & education to younger generation, and other welfare activities too. In the past we have proved that MNC has been giving back any small hands to other local charity organizations by organizing charity programmes or taking part in any such activities.