EQ Relief fund further update

Dear All MNC members and friends,

Just a quick update of our visit to Shree Narayanthan Higher Secondry School in Timal, Kavre and handover of NRs 6,20,000.00 toward the construction of new School building which was completely destroyed by by the deadly Earthquake last year.  I and Sunita were given a very warm 5* welcome to School and village by 400 students and villagers. I then handed over the money that we have allocated to this School. The School committee were very pleased with our contribution and sends their heartfelt thanks to Maidstone Nepalese Community for the generous help. The total cost of School is 74 Lakhs. They are getting help from different organisations including the GoN but they still need additional fund to complete the building to its final stage. The School committee has agreed to display a permanent sign mark at the front of School to read – “Maidstone Nepalese Community UK donated NRs 6,20,000.00 for the construction of this building” with our Logo..

I also met with Mr Megh Ghale (father of Maj Bishnu Ghale QGE ), chairman of village committee of Ghumdi vilage, Dhading in Kathmandu to discuss progress of Dhading Community/health post project. As stated in it, Mr Megh Ghale will meet up with the committee in Dhading and inform us of the progress in order us to release the allocated money asap.

I was very proud and felt immensely worthwhile being there to handover the money to where and the people actually needed our help – This is the only reason why we raise the fund.

Many thanks for your support and help

Jai MNC//
Dhan Chand
Chairman, MNC